Birthday Bash.

Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it a birthday bash but it sounded good for a title.

You see, It was my 22nd birthday this past sunday and it actually didn’t hit me until I woke up that day. Birthdays have a completely different meaning when you know God and this one was not different. Birthdays set special dates for beginnings and ends of stages. They have a special way of making you feel overwhelmingly grateful, but they also remind you that time has not time to stop. There is also something special about having a birthday on a Sunday, for you worship God with that heart-felt gratitude and the sweet taste of the grave given.

22 years is a long time. It’s bit over a fifth of a century. Yikes.
This birthday also came with a few life lessons. Every time another year goes by I like to look back on the year that just passed and reflect on what God did, how I reacted to things or acted about them and obviously about the teachings they leave [by the way, when you live for God, looking back on things doesn’t have to be full of regrets, but just the opposite. Maybe I’ll write something about this later] This past year has exactly been just that. It has been all about lessons. They came in different ways and God has really put in time to teach me SO many different things, some in subtle ways and others not so subtle. And thankfully, I am not the end of it itself, for they can be even a bigger blessing when shared with other people. I really don’t find any other better thing than to waste, spend, give, invest and pour out the years of my life for Jesus. I pray He gives me another 22 x 4 and still live for HIM!
And of course I always like to share a photo or two, I also realized it’s much faster on here than Facebook.

This is Lala. I first loved photography because of her!

I took the opportunity to get some shots of beautiful Meredith. Here is a few

Things got a little fishy at times.

BTW, this is Jared

I ended the day at The Ascent, at their first Friday of the month worship night, which was aweosome. After all, I guess I did have my birthday bash, with Jesus of course.


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