Running my race

Ookkk so here we go. This promises to have TMI 😁 but I think social media needs more honesty and real moments.

Running has become such a passion of mine this past year and with it have come many new things that I had no idea about (like why so many blisters?!) and also some amazing lessons. One of them is that as your pursue something, not every time you are out there you do great. There are times where you will fail but it’s always worth it. I have a competitive personality, so every time I run I want to be better than the last time, I want to improve my time, have better form and I’m constantly trying to figure out from the last time what I did wrong, and so on. This weekend was no exception. I was determined to improve my 5K time and finish under 30 minutes. The race was through the Miami zoo which made for incredible views and chances to admire God’s creation. At one point J pointed out the lion just sitting there watching everyone run by. So beautiful!

To give you some background information, earlier in the morning I had a little bit of oatmeal, a banana, some orange slices and a little bit of water (but I had drank a lot of water all week) since I did not want to stop to go to the bathroom while running which would not help my time. Remember, this is a 5k, a 5K! I feel ridiculous taking a 5K this seriously. Some people run that as a warm up but hey everybody starts somewhere right?! Anyways, they called everyone to the starting line and did a little warm up and off we went.

Man I felt great, I didn’t want to worry about my miles too much so I just ran. J was running with me, and he was so sweet to run at my pace so we could run together. He encouraged me throughout the whole thing and told me he was going to push me at the end of the race to finish strong. Mid race I started feeling funny like something was wrong with my stomach, but I pushed through it. They had a water station around mile two and when I drank the water I felt even funnier but I was reminding myself of the 30 minute goal I had so I didn’t stop. A little while after I looked at my phone and saw that we were at mile 2.54 and I was telling myself that I couldn’t stop that I needed to go. I felt as if my body didn’t have enough fuel to keep going. The feeling was so strange to me because I’ve ran more than 3 miles on a consistent basis lately and I had never felt like my body was depleted of energy after that distance. I kept going and pushing myself, and this is where the embarrassing part happened. When I was about 20 feet from the finish line whatever was going with my stomach was happening right there and then and there was not stopping and it was happening in what felt like slow motion. J turned around to see what was going on with me and trying to get me to just run fast those last 20 feet and I was telling him that I really couldn’t, and before I knew it I was throwing up in front of all those people that were waiting by the finish line (I said it was TMI). I don’t remember much of what happened next in those two minutes, I just remember looking up and looking at the face of one of the volunteers and seeing his face of complete confusion and probably disgust as he saw all this go down. Poor thing. I crossed the finish line, J holding me, and just sat on big rock and cried. I was sweating, with tears and snot on my face and feeling like a failure. It’s slightly funny now and I’m still trying to figure out what happened but man was that ugly. And humbling, or humiliating. Either one and both.

Oh and my time was 30:29.

I can’t wait to be back out there again as God is teaching me so many things through this whole running thing.