Birthday Boy!

The sweetest boy is turning three! Happy birthday  Josue!

He loves anything trains, actually anything with wheels that can flip over like a monster truck, or crash or go fast. And when he doesn’t have a train on his hand he has a ball to kick or throw or hit!

It’s so amazing to watch him grow and see the little guy he is becoming.

I was looking at old pictures and I was laughing so hard when I  found this one of him when he turned 1, haha! Sometimes having a birthday could be not such a happy thing sometimes, I guess.

or maybe he was just crying because he didn’t want to have Paula’s fake pink cake.

We love you so much Josue! It’s been an amazing three years of being your aunt. You brighten our days and bring so much happiness to our lives

Sweet Birthday Boy


Year One

Year one is behind us, holee molee!

Marriage is the craziest thing anybody can sign up to do, but a good crazy! A perfectly good crazy

I can’t believe I’ve been doing it for a whole year now. Life before it seems and feels like so long ago

Done with one, on to year two!  Excited about sharing another year with this guy who wears a wedding ring just for me.

God has been crazy good to us. 

Happy Birthday Leonor!

Happy Birthday to my friend who is so lovely and sweet! I’m so glad to celebrate yet another year! I meant to post it last night after I got home but fell asleep, ha!

Leonor you are a sweet reminder of how much God loves me by giving me friends like you.

So excited for Debra too who is going to be one beautiful bride! 

Grateful to celebrate with the people that I love how His graces abound in our lives!

Full of life

She fills my life with so much more life. Her made up royal tea parties and delicate hand movements when she is talking about them.

Whenever she wants to bake cookies, and eats what she just baked with such joy.

The friendship-like aunt-niece way about us

The loud laughs about silly comments. So much life in them, enough to fill mine.

Happy Mother’s Day

I’m a day late on my Mother’s Day post but today just like yesterday I’m SO thankful to have the mother that I was borrowed to to raise me and the mother that, by marriage, is also my family now. Happy Mother’s Day you two!  


There are two kinds of to-do lists in my head. A real one that includes all the tasks and goals that are necessary and “important” and a imaginary one which includes the things that I would like to do at some point in my life, but all the unchecked items in the former prevent me from accomplishing the ones in the latter. Blog posting is obviously in the imaginary to-do list for me, because I always want to do it but laundry and organizing the pantry closet get in the way. So in an attempt to re-commit myself to blog posting I’m writing this. I probably just need to do better time management.

There are so many things that I would love to write about! Important things and others not so important but that are part of the life I live. So maybe this week I’ll be better about time management and write an actual post. Have an awe-inspiring week!