Unfinished to-do lists

I have yet to be committed to something that I actually finish. I feel like I don’t finish a lot of  projects I start, yet they are always in the back of my mind in some imaginary to-do list. It’s the Type A, overachiever in me who wants to make everything into deadlines and achievable task-like goals that you check off. Blogging shouldn’t be that. Blogging should just be like an old book that you just open whenever and flip through it and find something new every time. Sometimes I sit and want to write something and then delete it because of silly reasons. I just want to blog to see where life was when I wrote this or that, but not as another task to finish. Sometimes I want to write more about where I am in life but this “my life on the internet for everyone to read” it’s a scary business. My hat off to people who get thousands of readers and are genuine and true and raw about what they write and put it online for anyone to read. There are no thousands of readers here and I’m not really writing about anything too personal… Actually I feel like I’m just rambling right now but I want to write because I want to remember and cherish and revisit. I want to write just because. I want to write because God is constantly changing, renewing and talking. I want to write because nothing remains after someone is gone, just what they said, did and wrote.

Here’s to another blog post not because it was item 3 on my to-do list but because I simply just wrote. Happy weekend!